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Since we are in the market a lot of people is booking our services because we have the best prices and services, we clean your space while you do your own things.

Furniture Cleaning

The sofa is used for many things: to watch a movie, read a book, take a nap, or eat. So it can occasionally happen that you spill a drink, drop soup or coffee, etc. This creates a stain. Many Cristinas customers had first tried to clean the stain from the sofa with products from the supermarket. Unfortunately, the spots got bigger and got a big circle. This is because the dirt is not sucked out. Adding more detergent will spread the grime further and create a larger stain. Annoying for sure, but it can be removed by our team.

 Cleaning a couch should be done regularly, otherwise they can become a hot spot for bacteria. A sofa is often the calling card of your home, so when the sofa is dirty and has stains, you should clean your fabric sofa so that it is representative again. It is best left to certified furniture cleaners at home: Cristinas Help You!

Move Out Cleaning

Are you looking for a cleaning company that can make your place look brand new before or after moving? That's why Cristinas is here. Our cleaning service ensures your house in the best possible version it can be. We clean both the inside and outside of the property based on your needs. Whether your moving into a new place, are contractually obliged to clean after renting, or are just looking to freshen up your home - we come with a budget and priority list that best suits you. 

We charge based on how messy and polluted the property is, this can be different from every home and therefore do not have a fixed price. We work in a team and provide professional equipment for every cleaning project.

We provide special cleaning on request for your sofa, carpet, mattress. We can adjust cleaning time like you require.

Deep Cleaning

Chairs are everywhere in your home – whether it's an armchair cleaning, dining room chairs or bar chairs. When cleaning dining room chairs, we often notice that the fabric chairs often get dirty because they are touched after cooking or, of course, spilled during eating. This can cause the seats to get grease stains. Cleaning a fabric chair is best left to professionals. Cleaning fabric seats and removing stains is only possible with special machines and means. We at Titan ensure that the chairs in your home look fresh again.

Ready to Make Your Space Beautiful?
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