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You never have to worry about cleaning again

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Is beautiful to wae up and know that somebody will take care of your house cleaning services.

Go to our website and start the booking process. Then fill in the details of your request such as the date, time, duration of the cleaning. Here you can select the cleaner(s) of your preference. It is advisable to comunicate with us if you can´t find availability in our website.

If it is not possible to match your request with the cleaner(s) of your choice, We can contact you, just send us a message by online chat or any way We can then try to find your cleaner. the steps are easy but if need help please call +31 6 1839-3673.

The household provides the cleaning products and materials. It may be that the cleaner has a preference for a certain brand or cleaning item. We often see that this is a nice topic to discuss between the household and the cleaner. as per request we do also bring our materials but that cost an extra money for you, dont forget to tell us what is your situation during you are booking our services.

We always will contact you directly to arrange things between you and Cristinas. This way you can look together at the possibilities for a new appointment, for example. If you want replacement help to come in the short term, you can contact us to set up a short-term request. Have you scheduled a weekly or bi-weekly appointment with an specific cleaner? In that case, if this person is not available we will contact you for looking a properly solution.

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