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Enjoy the clean space with you family.

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a clean and healthy space with the ones you love the most.

Taking care of the cleaning can be very difficult to combine with the daily activities and work. That is why Cristinas Help You exists, to help you clean your space while you take care of your own things.

Book with one click

“Do you want to try Cristinas? We are happy to help you, nothing better than a kind and reliable person coming to your house to help you with the cleaning”.

Each space can have a number of differences, that is why separate from the plans and prices available on our website, we also offer you the option to customize your service. But keep in mind that you must take a good look at the reservation book to know what dates we have available.

Create You Own Schedule

Yes you can do that with your cleaner if she or he have space to do so, we are flexible arranging cleaning appointments but you need to know than we already have a lot of bookings, But with you flexibility and our disposition evreything should be possible, #cristinashelpyou

Select You Favorite Cleaner if Available

“If you book for a regular cleaning service obviusly you will have the same cleaner with some exceptions.”

During the reservation you must choose a person from the staff to carry out the cleaning, keep in mind that this may vary according to the season of the year, but in general there should always be someone available, remember that our clients prefer Cristinas because we offer a range of possibilities when scheduling an appointment.

About Us was founded in 2019 in Amsterdam and we keep growing into the professional cleaning companies in The Netherlands. We offer our service in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Aalsmeer, Uithoorn and places near Amstelveen in a radio of 10 km and we are excited to share our services with you.

Cleaning is our passion and is the heart of cristinas. We are continuously trying to improve our services and staff we keep moving forward to get the best results for our customers.



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